Technical Datasheets

LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® Technical Data Sheets are available in PDF File format. If you do not have ADOBE click here to download.


  • OSHA Silica Dust Sampling Report
  • TDS 175S - Cold Weather Installation Considerations
  • TDS 176S - Hot Weather Installation Considerations
  • TDS 183 - Drying of Concrete
  • TDS 230 - Substrate Preparation and Primer Guide for LATICRETE® Self-Leveling Products
  • TDS 232 - Extending LATICRETE Self-Leveling Underlayments with Pea Gravel
  • TDS 234S - Decorative Coating System Guide
  • TDS 235 - Self-Leveling Flow Test
  • TDS 238 - Guide for Polishing LATICRETE®: Self-Leveling Overlayments
  • TDS 340S - LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® SC500 and LATICRETE SUPERCAP Primer Certification

En Français

  • TDS 175S_FRC - Considérations relatives à la pose par temps froid
  • TDS 176S_FRC - Considérations relatives à la pose par temps chaud
  • TDS 230S_FRC - Guide de préparation de supports et d’application d’apprêts LATICRETE SUPERCAP
  • TDS 232S_FRC- Agrandir la profondeur de LATICRETE SUPERCAP au moyen de gravillons